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This could be your story too!

Connor is a graduate.  He started his male survivor's journey about fifteen months ago.

"This has been one of the most rewarding milestones in my life. My life was plagued with dysfunctional habits stemming from the childhood sexual abuse.  My coping mechanisms: alcohol, pornography, promiscuity, people-pleasing,  . I doubted myself, found it challenging to develop healthy relationships, ED, with no healing vision until I entered the program, online courses with 1-on1- coaching from Thomas.  I now will graduate with life goal plans, soon getting married to the love of my life, disclosed, acknowledged, and defined my abuse,  and confronted my perpetrator.  No more overwhelming shame and guilt.  Some of the other older guys in my cohort celebrated me at the workshop. They told me how fortunate to start this journey at an early age.  Wow! I have so much ahead to live for.  Thanks Coach!"   - Connor - 

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The integrative components of the program have aided  male survivors in working through issues, building a better life free of dysfunctional habits, and reaching toward various  relationship, business and life goals. 

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