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Break Through Your Challenges

Childhood sexual trauma, whether one-time, multiple, can have long-lasting effects.  It affects everyone differently. However, in 20+ years of working with survivors, I have noticed most seem to exhibit some level of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD).

Breaking through and eradicating dysfunction and problem issues via coaching and hypnotherapy while learning strategies and using techniques and tools have worked well for a myriad of survivors. We use a variety of multifaceted modalities to address  various aspects you are dealing with. Get back your motivation and drive, build better self-esteem, confidence and shift your outlook toward creating a successful life. 



Sexual trauma can cause many issues and symptoms that often times we are oblivious to, not just your behaviors, but in your relationships, your sex life, the way you treat yourself and even in your physical well being.  Some of the long-terms symptoms of trauma, similar to or including PTSD. Any of these sound familiar?

Sexual trauma as a child can affect the way you approach sex as and adult:

  • promiscuity

  • fear or dislike of sex 

  • saying yes to sex you don't even want

  • being  a "pleaser' sexually

  • secretly not knowing what you really like sexually

  • suffering confusion around sexual identity

  • dissociation during sex

  • needing to escape into fantasy to enjoy sex

  • having sexual fantasies where you are abused

  • porn escalation

also the sexual trauma can affect your overall psyche:

  • foggy thinking

  • restlessness

  • memory loss around the trauma

  • vigilance- more jumpy than normal

  • emotional outbursts

  • not liking certain places/situations/ smells without knowing why

  • deep feeling of shame guilt

  • difficult decision-making, holding a job

  • trust issues

  • fear of intimacy

  • trouble setting boundaries and saying no

  • fear of being alone

  • easily stressed by relationships

  • resentment and anger issues

  • codependency

  • emotional abuse 

  • attracting those with traits of narcissim or narcissistic personality

  • always feeling like a victim



Being sexually abused as a child or adolscent can lead to physical symptoms as well, issues with body.

  • obesity

  • unexplained medical symptoms

  • disconnected from body, high pain tolerance

  • feeling dirty all the time like you can never get clean enough

The sexual trauma can lead to other psychological issues.

  • depression

  • anxiety and social anxiety

  • sleep issues

  • eating issues

  • low self-esteem

  • difficulty in holding jobs, sticking to something

  • and more...

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Incremental steps toward freedom

Like so many other Cristian started his journey years ago with his first step. He stared with building confidence after sexual trauma . He reprogramed and built his new life by stepping out and doing the coaching program. " I never looked back. I am so glad that I just had enough  courage. That small step was life changing.

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It can start here for you also.

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